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Applying for a refinance home loan in Toronto, GTA, ON, maybe the proactive way to leverage today's historically low-interest rates in your favor. When you deal with Ray Russo - Dominion Lending Centre Canuck Mortgage Group, you'll be working with a mortgage professional dedicated to client satisfaction. Whether you're looking to renovate your home in the GTA, ON or finance a large purchase for your children, a refinance may be a smart solution. You may be able to use the equity you've built in your property to secure financing at a favorable rate. I want to see you make the best decision, so I will walk you through the refinancing process. I would be happy to explain how your mortgage may be more secure because it's based on your property's value. If you'd like to cash out some equity, I will determine the amount you need and work to balance your payments so they're within your budget. To facilitate the approval process, click on "Apply Now" for a convenient online application.

Residential Mortgages
Calling on the highly experienced mortgage agent Ray Russo - Dominion Lending Centre Canuck Mortgage Group to help you apply for a home mortgage loan may be the first step towards becoming a homeowner in the GTA, ON. I am dedicated to satisfying my clients' needs for cost-effective financing.
When you apply to me, I will pay attention to the details while working to match your mortgage to your individual needs. I will discuss the amount you can comfortably pay each month for your home. To make a proper use of your buying power, I will shop your application around for the best rates, lowest penalties within the regulatory guidelines. When you are ready to get approved for a home mortgage loan, you can count on Ray Russo - Dominion Lending Centre Canuck Mortgage Group for personalized service in the GTA. To start your application, call today or click "Apply Now."

Mortgage Renewal
75% of Canadians sign their renewal letters without any significant investigation of what other options may exist in the market.  Many renewal letters are sent out at posted rates, which can be 2% above market, costing an individual $2000 per year per $100,000 of mortgage in additional interest. 
Switching your mortgage from one lender to another does not require any other significant changes to your banking. It is something that I often tend to set up 3 months in advance to hedge against any interest rate movement.  Waiting until a week or two prior to your renewal date is not advised. A process that might take a few hours of your time could save you thousands. Call me today to discuss tailoring the right lending solutions for you!    

Private Lending
The exit strategy is key for the lender as they wish to be paid out in one year, two at a maximum. Your own understanding of the exit strategy is equally important.  Interest rates are more aggressive due to the lender taking a higher risk, with regard to default and also in part, due to the very long and costly foreclosure process in the GTA, when default occurs. 
Also, you can use a second mortgage for consolidating high-interest credit card debts by reducing your rates and payments and converting compound interest into simple interest. There has to be an effective and realistic exit strategy. For your personal tailored lending solutions, call or click on "Apply Now"

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been investing in real estate for years, At Ray Russo- Dominion Lending Centre Canuck Mortgage Group, Toronto, GTA, ON, I offer tailored investor financing to help you achieve your financial goals. Thinking of Moving? Consider converting your current property into an income property instead of selling. Want to Acquire a new residential property (house, town-home, condo, multi-unit apartment) to help diversify your portfolio? Buy a second property to serve as an investment or housing for a child away at school? Convert part of your home (a basement, for example) into an income-generating rental property? There are many options that can be utilized, talk to me and find out more!

Being prepared for the eventualities of life can be a daunting task, but you can leave your loved ones with security and peace of mind by purchasing mortgage life insurance.Planning for the future is an important process, and purchasing mortgage life insurance is a good way to protect the people you love. When you come to me, I am dedicated to providing professional and personal assistance when helping you choose a mortgage life insurance plan. I strive to offer affordable mortgage products and services, no matter your circumstances.